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You must use a personal copy of your transcripts to properly enter ALL of your college coursework attempted and earned. Enter courses chronologically, beginning with the oldest transcript to most recent. List all courses from a single transcript before you enter courses from the next transcript. Within each term, enter the courses in the order in which they appear on your transcript. Enter each course once from the transcript where it was originally taken, even if the credits transferred to another institution. Report all of your college courses even if they do not fulfill a pharmacy school prerequisite or you repeated them!

PharmCAS will verify your self-reported courses against your official transcripts and will report any discrepancies to your selected pharmacy institutions. PharmCAS will not enter your courses for you. PharmCAS will return your application to you for corrections or explanation if it identifies a significant number of course discrepancies or omissions. If you fail to properly enter all of your courses when you first submit your application or do not make corrections as requested, your application will be delayed in processing and you may jeopardize your chances for admission.

Study Abroad
List all Study Abroad courses that appear on a U.S. with itemized grades and credit hours in this “Coursework” section. For each Study Abroad course, select the name of the U.S. institution in which the Study Abroad credit and grades appear. If the U.S. transcript does not itemize the grades and/or credits for study abroad, follow the policies for international (foreign) coursework below.
International (Foreign) Institution
Do NOT list any international (foreign) courses completed outside of a U.S. institution in this Coursework section. Consult PharmCAS instructions on how to submit international transcripts, including all Canadian transcripts.
Overseas U.S. Institution
If you attended a PharmCAS-recognized overseas U.S. institution, list all courses attempted and credits earned in this section. PharmCAS will consider course work from an overseas U.S. institution in the same manner as U.S. coursework. For a list of overseas U.S. institutions, review the transcript instructions under “General Instructions”.