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Extracurricular, Leadership, Volunteer, Community Activities

Enter related activities you would like your designated pharmacy colleges and schools to review. Do NOT include paid work experience in this section. List activities in order of importance to you. List each activity only once. For instance, if you were on the "dean's list" for more than one term, list that distinction only once. You may list up to 20 activities. If the activity is ongoing, estimate the future end date.

Is the extracurricular activity related to pharmacy or health care?

Select “YES” if the activity is affiliated with a pharmacy or health care profession, organization, institution, or individual.

If yes, select the health care professional or profession most closely associated with activity.

If the activity is related to pharmacy or health care, select one profession from the list. If the activity is associated with multiple professions, select the one in which you had the most experience or exposure to during the activity. Use your personal statement to clarify, if needed.

Select the primary setting for pharmacy or health care experience.

If the extracurricular activity was situated in multiple settings, select a single location where you spent the majority of your time. Use your personal statement to clarify the setting, if needed.