PharmCAS Coursework Entry Service

If you do not wish to enter all of your coursework yourself, PharmCAS now offers all applicants the option to have coursework professionally entered on their behalf by our specialists for an additional fee. PharmCAS coursework entry staff is available to enter U.S. undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, and doctorate coursework. Given the nature of professional, non-U.S./foreign, and planned/in-progress coursework, this work is not eligible for coursework entry and must be entered by the applicant. If you would like to take advantage of PharmCAS’ coursework entry service, please review the details below:


The cost for PharmCAS’ coursework entry service is $65 for 1-2 transcripts, $90 for 3 transcripts or more. Please note that these fees are for coursework entry only and are in addition to PharmCAS’s regular application fees.


To apply for PharmCAS’ coursework entry service, please follow the steps below:

Start your PHARMCAS Application

Create a PharmCAS Application so you will be given a PharmCAS ID#.

List All Institutions Attended

REPORT ALL INSTITUTIONS you have received college-level credit from, including post baccalaureate, graduate, and professional institutions even if the courses are not required for admission or are listed as transfer credits on the transcript of another institution. Include non-degree programs (e.g., summer school), foreign institutions, and any colleges that granted you credit for a course you completed as a high school student even if it was taken at your high school. For detailed instructions, please see the “Colleges Previously and Currently Attended” section of our instructions.

Complete Any Coursework That We Cannot Enter

PharmCAS cannot enter professional, planned/in-progress, or foreign coursework, so these MUST be entered by the applicant prior to coursework entry occurring.

Select the Coursework Entry Option

On the “Coursework” section of your application, click the “Tell Me More” button and select the schools you would like PharmCAS to enter coursework for on your behalf.

Make Your Payment

Submit the service agreement and make your coursework entry payment. Payments must be made online via credit card ONLY. Payments may NOT be sent via mail.

Request Transcripts To Be Sent To PharmCAS

PharmCAS must receive all required transcripts before coursework entry can begin. Please review the “Transcripts” section of our instructions for details on how to properly provide PharmCAS with your transcripts. Monitor your PharmCAS application status menu to ensure your transcript is received. On average, it takes 7-10 business days for your transcript to post to your PharmCAS application from the date it is mailed by your school. Once your application posts, it will be listed on your status menu with a date received. PLEASE NOTE that it is ALWAYS the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for all official transcripts to be mailed to PharmCAS, as well as monitor their application and ensure that the official transcripts are posted in a timely manner.

Submit and COMPLETE Your Application

Before coursework entry can begin, you must have a COMPLETE application and be assigned a complete date. This means that you have submitted, paid, and all transcripts have arrived at PharmCAS and been posted to your application.

Turnaround times for applicants who participate in the entry service.

UNDERSTAND: The entry service does NOT begin until you have submitted your application, paid all application fees and all transcripts have arrived, at which point it may take up to ten (10) business days to complete the service. Your application is NOT given a Complete Date and entered into the verification queue until your coursework entry is approved, at which point it may take up to an additional four weeks to be verified. Applicants must take these procedures and turnaround times into consideration when attempting meet the deadline requirements of the programs. PharmCAS is NOT responsible for missed deadlines due to professional coursework entry procedures or turnaround times.

Please note that professional transcript entry is a data entry service , NOT a verification service. Our staff will enter the information on your transcripts, but will NOT notify you about errors made to the coursework you entered yourself, nor will they notify you about unreported institutions. You will not be notified of these errors until your application enters the verification process, at which point it will be YOUR responsibility to correct them. Coursework Entry staff will NOT correct errors found during the verification process.

Review Your Coursework Entry and Submit Your Approval

Once your coursework entry is complete, you will receive a notification. It is your responsibility to review the coursework entry for accuracy and approve the entry. Once you have approved the coursework entry, complete and submit your application, your application will continue with normal verification. If you do not respond to the approval request by 11:59 PM ET on the third day (roughly 72 hours)  after the completion of the Professional Transcript Entry, your Transcript Entry will be automatically approved. If this would fall on a weekend, the automatic approval process will not go forward until 11:59PM on the following Monday, should you need to contact customer service.


As stated in the Coursework Entry Agreement which you signed when submitting your coursework entry request, once payment has been made, NO REFUNDS will be given. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit their school listing and other required coursework entry information correctly and to review all entered coursework and approve its accuracy prior to verification. PharmCAS is not responsible for delays caused by errors to the coursework section. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to consider all turnaround times and use their best judgment regarding their deadline requirements when electing to utilize the coursework entry service. PharmCAS is not responsible for missed deadlines as the result of coursework entry turnaround times.


Q: If I select the coursework entry service, does my application still need to be verified?

A: YES. Coursework entry is intended to save you the time of having to enter coursework yourself, but it does not exempt your application from the verification process. Your application will still be placed in line for review by our verification staff and be subject to the standard processing time.

Q: If I select the coursework entry service, can my application still be undelivered for errors during the verification process?

A: YES. Coursework entry does NOT guarantee that errors will not be found and need to be corrected during the regular verification process.

Q: Can I choose to have some of my transcripts entered for me and enter the others myself?

A: YES. You can select how many transcripts you would like entered for you when you apply for coursework entry. Please note that some transcripts such as hospital, military, or other professional coursework are not eligible for coursework entry.

Q: Is there a fee waiver for the coursework entry service?

A: NO. Applicants who wish to utilize the coursework entry service are responsible for all coursework entry fees.