You MUST enter your PCAT CID number on this page. If you do not enter your correct PCAT CID number on your application, PharmCAS will NOT be able to match your score to your application and will not be able to send your scores on to your pharmacy degree program designations.

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name

Enter your full legal name. Do not use nicknames or parentheses to note alternate names.


(i.e., Jr., III) Leave blank, if not applicable.

Current Email Address

Use this item to provide the email address where you can receive messages reliably. Check your messages frequently to ensure you have a working email address. This is a required field. If your email address changes, login to your PharmCAS account and edit your contact information on-line. After June 1st, contact your degree programs directly.

At times PharmCAS will use a bulk e-mail process to contact applicants. Some email providers use filters to prevent users from receiving “spam” (unsolicited, junk email). In some case, email filters may interpret an email from PharmCAS or a pharmacy degree program as “spam” and automatically delete a message to you about the status of your PharmCAS application. To avoid missing important PharmCAS emails, turn the “spam” or “junk” email filters off during the application cycle. If your email provider does not allow you to turn the filter off, you may have access to a “junk mail file” that archives all messages identified as sent to multiple addresses. Periodically check your spam/junk email file for PharmCAS or pharmacy degree program related messages.

If you do not currently have an email address or are unable to turn off the spam/junk filters described, please establish a new email account. Below are a few free email services for you to consider. (This is not a comprehensive list and does not reflect an endorsement or guarantee of reliable service).

Yahoo –
Gmail –