The Status Section

Using the Status Section On Your PharmCAS Application

Rather than inundating your inbox with status e-mails throughout the application cycle, PharmCAS provides a status section which enables you to see the real-time status of your application 24/7. It is your responsibility to monitor this section throughout the application cycle.

Your application will be placed in line for processing once it is COMPLETE


GPA Calculations

This section will only fill in once your application has been verified by PharmCAS staff, which will happen once you have e-submitted your application and PharmCAS has received all of your official transcripts and your application payment. You will receive an e-mail notification as well as a message in the “My Messages” section once your GPA calculations are available for review.


You will be able to see if your transcripts have been received in this section of your application. If your transcript has a “date received” next to it, it has posted to your application. If your transcript does not have a date in the “date received” column, it has not posted to your application.

transcript received-redacted

If, instead of a date, you see:

Not Received Transcript

or if you don’t see the name of your school at all, your transcript has not yet posted to your account.

IMPORTANT PharmCAS is not responsible for any materials lost in the mail or for delays caused by the Registrar’s Office. Express or certified mail does not guarantee expedient processing, nor does sending transcripts express or certified guarantee receipt by PharmCAS. If your transcript never arrives at our office, you may need to have it resent.


You will be able to see whether your PCAT or TOEFL have posted to your application. While you will not be able to see the actual scores on your application, if you see your test date in your application, the score has attached to your account and will be sent to your degree programs as part of your application.

Your test scores will post to your application even before you have e-submitted your application. (Official test scores can also be posted to applications that have already been submitted. However, the Tests section of the application, where applicants self report their scores, becomes locked and may not be edited after submission.)


When your PCAT score has successfully posted to your application, it looks like this:

Received PCAT Cropped

Date Taken shows the MONTH and the last two digits of the YEAR you took the PCAT exam. The example above indicates that the test was taken in January 2012.

PCAT not showing on your status section? Check here to see the two easy steps to have your scores show up on your application.


When your TOEFL score has successfully posted to your application, it looks like this:

Received TOEFL Score Cropped

Pharmacy Designations

Once you have e-submitted your application, the name of each pharmacy designation will be displayed with the date that you e-submitted for and designated that program in your application:

It can take four-five weeks from the date your application is complete for your GPA to be calculated. Once your GPA is calculated, your application will be immediately sent electronically to your designated degree programs.


There are three possible statuses for your PharmCAS eLORs:

New- Most common for newly-entered references, this tells you that your reference has not yet saved any information on the electronic reference form.

In Progress- This tells you that your reference has saved some information on the electronic reference form, but has not yet submitted it to PharmCAS.

Completed- Your reference has filled out the online reference form and has submitted it to PharmCAS. Only completed references are submitted to your pharmacy designations.

Reference statuses


If you pay by money order, you will be able to print your PharmCAS payment form in this section and be able to see once your money order has posted to your account.

If you pay by credit card, you will be able to print a receipt for your records in this section of the application. Just click on “receipt”.

Supplemental Materials

This section will only begin to show the requirements of your degree programs once your application has been e-submitted.


Expand All FAQ Questions

Q: What is considered a complete application/when does PharmCAS begin processing my application?

A: Your application is considered complete once the following criteria have been met:

  • You have filled out your entire PharmCAS application and have submitted it.
  • Your PharmCAS application payment has posted to your application
  • One transcript from every US Institution has posted to your PharmCAS application.

Q: How do I know my application is complete?

A: Your application is complete when you have submitted your complete PharmCAS application, and your payment(s) and all US transcript(s) have been received.

1. Does your Pharmacy Designation’s status have a “Date e-submitted” next to every degree program?

2. Are all of your US transcripts listed in the Transcript section with a “Date Received” next to each one? Did you enter all foreign institutions correctly as “Non-US/Canadian” institutions, rather than “Not Listed US Institutions”?

3. Does your payment status say “Received” for every pharmacy designation?

If your answer to ANY of these questions is “No” then your application is not yet complete.

Q: My application has been complete for a week, and it still says it hasn’t been verified. Is something wrong?

A: Not at all. Once your application is complete, it goes in line for verification processing, which can take up to four-five weeks. During this time, PharmCAS Staff will check over your entire coursework section to make sure that all of your coursework is listed correctly so that your GPAs can be calculated correctly.

Q: Can I monitor the status of my application from my smartphone?

A: Yes. The mobile portal can be accessed at:

Q: Will PharmCAS update me on the status of my application?

A: No. PharmCAS will ONLY send E-mail messages to you in the event of problematic application materials. If you wish to see if your application is complete and whether PharmCAS has sent your application to your selected degree programs, logon to your application and check the STATUS menu option. Make sure your E-mail address is current, and add to your list of “Accepted Safe” E-mail senders and/or confirm that it is not a “Blocked Address” or being blocked by a “Junk E-mail” filter.

Q: My application has been verified and sent to my designated degree programs. Why have I not received a response from them?

A: Based on individual degree program policies and procedures, it may take several weeks for a degree program to contact you about your application. You are encouraged to visit the degree program web sites to determine when you can expect to receive a response from the admissions office. In the meantime, be sure to send supplemental applications, letters of recommendation, and other materials directly to the degree program as required.