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Q: Will PharmCAS email me about the status of my application?

A: The PharmCAS application is designed such that you have real-time information regarding the status of your application throughout the application cycle. If you wish to see if your application is complete and whether PharmCAS has forwarded your application to your selected schools, login to your PharmCAS application and check the STATUS menu option. If you have an additional concern, you may contact PharmCAS via email or phone.

Q: Why haven’t I received email from PharmCAS or my designated degree programs?

A: If your application materials are submitted correctly, you may not receive e-mails from PharmCAS over the course of the application cycle, except for the e-mails you receive upon submitting your application and when your application is verified. Email messages generated by PharmCAS and pharmacy institutions may be sent simultaneously to multiple applicants.

To ensure that you receive email notifications, you may need to designate us as a “Trusted Source” through your email provider. This is usually accomplished by adding our “From Addresses” to your address book, contact list, or Safe List.

List of E-Mail Addresses to add to your “Safe-List”:
How To Safe-List E-Mail Addresses:

Click the following links to view instructions from the most common email providers on how to avoid having valid emails sent to your Junk or Spam folders:

For more information on how to white-list email addresses for providers not mentioned above, visit:

NOTE: You should also monitor the “My Messages” section of the application for important messages regarding your application.

Q: How do I change/update my email address?

A: To change your e-mail, log onto your PharmCAS application. Go to “My Profile” in the upper left corner of your application checklist. Select “Account Information”,  change your e-mail address and click “Save”.