Early Decision

Q: What is the Early Decision Program?

A: The early decision program is a binding option for the applicants who have decided that a particular pharmacy degree program is their first choice and they will enroll if accepted. As an Early Decision applicant, you can apply to ONLY one pharmacy degree program. Not all participating pharmacy programs offer Early Decision status to applicants.

Q: When is the Early Decision deadline?

A: The early decision application deadline is September 3rd, 2013. In addition to completing the PharmCAS application, YOU MUST ARRANGE FOR PHARMCAS TO RECEIVE ALL OF YOUR MATERIALS BY THE SEPTEMBER 3rd  DEADLINE. If your application, fee and /or transcripts are received after the early decision deadline, you will be automatically changed to “REGULAR” applicant status. Contact your selected pharmacy program directly for information on Early Decision eligibility requirements. PharmCAS institutions will announce early decisions as soon as possible, but no later than October 18th.

Q: If I am accepted as an early decision applicant, do I have to accept the admissions offer?

A: Yes, you are obligated to accept the offer and will not be permitted to apply to other participating institutions during the current cycle. However, if you are DENIED admission as an early decision applicant, you may apply to other PharmCAS institutions for an additional fee. If you are DEFERRED to regular applicant status, your application will rollover to that institution’s regular admission cycle. Deferred applicants may also now apply to additional pharmacy programs.

Q: If I apply to one school for Early Decision, can I also apply to other schools through PharmCAS?

A: No. If you are applying for Early Decision, you can only apply to one school through PharmCAS. If you are NOT accepted to the pharmacy degree program you choose for Early Decision however, you subsequently can apply to other schools through PharmCAS.