Refunds/Withdrawing Application

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Q: How do I withdraw my application?

A: If you wish to withdraw your application from consideration from one or more pharmacy degree programs and you have already submitted to the program, you must contact the degree program(s) directly. PharmCAS cannot delete a degree program designation from your application once you have e-submitted. PharmCAS does not offer any refunds for withdrawn applications.

However, if you wish to place your 2017 PharmCAS application on permanent hold and have NOT submitted to any designated programs, please send PharmCAS an email with your full name, PharmCAS ID number, and the official withdraw statement:

“I authorize PharmCAS to withdraw my application from the 2016–2017 application cycle. Furthermore I understand that none of this information can be reactivated for a succeeding application cycle.”

Q: Can I obtain a refund for the PharmCAS application if I withdraw my application or no longer wish to apply to a particular degree program?

A: No, PharmCAS will not provide a refund for a withdrawn application to a particular pharmacy degree program once you have e-submitted.

Q: Can I obtain a refund if I miss a deadline?

A: No, PharmCAS will not provide a refund if you miss a deadline because you have failed to supply all required documentation.

Q: Can I replace one designated pharmacy degree program with another?

A: No, PharmCAS will not accept requests to substitute or delete degree program choices or refund application fees. If after delivering your PharmCAS application, you wish to rescind your application to a particular pharmacy degree program, contact the degree program directly to remove your application from consideration.