Instructions For References

Each individual in the My Applicants list is applying for admission to one or more Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree programs through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS). You have been selected by the applicant to submit your comments on the applicant’s qualifications for the profession of pharmacy. The applicant’s designated pharmacy schools will use the information supplied on this form for the purpose of assessing the applicant’s qualifications for admission to a professional degree program.

Only eLORs Accepted

Starting in the 2013-2014 application cycle, PharmCAS will only process electronic letters of reference. Electronic letters of reference are references submitted through the electronic reference portal and should not be e-mailed to PharmCAS.

eLOR (Electronic Letters of Reference)

Login to your PharmCAS eLOR account to access the online form using the information listed on the request e-mail. The eLOR reference form includes a section for you to enter general comments about the applicant. Complete the secure online form, then e-submit your comments to PharmCAS. You are encouraged to print a hard copy of each applicant reference for your personal records. The eLOR system uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to protect your reference from unauthorized access. Please do NOT mail a hard copy to PharmCAS. PharmCAS will NOT accept references sent via regular email.

NOTE:  Once submitted, you cannot make edits to your letter of reference.


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) provides applicants the right to access letters of reference written after January 1, 1975 unless they choose to waive their right of inspection and review. Prior to requesting a reference, applicants are required to indicate whether they wish to waive their rights to each reference. To determine an applicant’s waiver status, select “My Applicants” from the top menu bar and review the “WAIVER” column. A check mark indicates that the applicant has waived his/her right of access to your reference and an X indicates that the applicant has the right to view the reference if you provide a copy to them or if they review their records once they matriculate into a school or by contacting the pharmacy admissions office.

Applicant Authorization

The applicant has agreed to the following two statements prior to submitting this reference request to you.

I hereby give PharmCAS permission to contact the Reference below via email to request the completion of the PharmCAS reference form and letter of reference. If my Reference does not submit an online reference form to PharmCAS in response to the email request, it is my sole responsibility to contact the Reference directly to ensure all references required by my designated pharmacy schools are received by the deadline.

I understand that the pharmacy schools to which I am applying or PharmCAS may contact the Reference either to verify the information provided and/or for further clarification of the information provided, and I hereby give permission for the schools and PharmCAS to do so.

Accept or Deny Applicant’s Request

You may decide to accept or deny an applicant’s request for a reference. To decline an applicant’s invitation to submit an electronic reference to PharmCAS, select the “Deny” button on the “My Applicants” page. PharmCAS will automatically notify the applicant via email if a reference request is refused.


Applicants must arrange for PharmCAS to RECEIVE all references by the application deadline date set by their designated pharmacy schools. PharmCAS does NOT enforce reference deadlines. Online references will be reproduced and forwarded to each of the applicant’s designated pharmacy schools.


PharmCAS may verify a Reference’s identity. If a pharmacy school suspects a reference is falsified, it is the pharmacy school’s responsibility to contact the applicant or Reference to investigate or to contact the PharmCAS Conduct Committee. PharmCAS will share any suspected cases of falsified references reported by a pharmacy school with the applicant and the applicant’s other designated pharmacy schools and the applicant may be subject to the Conduct Violation Process. PharmCAS will not attempt to verify the accuracy of the school investigation results.

Need Help?

PharmCAS customer support staff is available to answer any questions you have about submitting electronic references to PharmCAS. Please contact 617-612-2050 or email for assistance.